Inksterinc is a T-shirt company based in Philadelphia that strives to provide a platform for a variety of artists to host their own shop. Created and run by illustrators and designers, we strive to serve the artistic community.


Apple started in a garage, Coke started in the Civil War, but Inkster…Inkster started in bed. Awoken one night with an intense passion to begin a t-shirt company our fearless leader and C.E.O Douglas Wong began his journey one night in the dead of winter to create what we now know and love as Inkster Inc. Over a year has passed since that fateful day…err…night and Inkster is still far from finished! Constantly expanding, we continue to try our best (including this shiny new website!)

Inkster has certainly come a long way since the “inkling” in Doug’s head. It has grown to become an international ecommerce business with a dedicated fan base and talented artists. It has evolved in ways the Inkster Team could never have imagined, and that’s due largely in part to the Inkster Community. Without your input, your feedback, your questions, and most importantly, your art, Inkster never would have made it to where it is today. Its history would be just that…history!


Inkster Inc. is many different things to many different people. To our team, it’s our livelihoods and our passion. To our artists it’s a way to promote and make a living doing what they love. To our customers it’s a pretty rad place to buy t-shirts. To non-profits it’s a way to raise awareness and receive donations for their causes. Whatever Inkster may be for you, it is connected under one unified theme: Community Impact Apparel.

Community Impact Apparel is the idea behind everything we do here at Inkster Inc. We aren’t just “some t-shirt company.” We are a company of individuals looking to change the world—we just want to do it one high quality graphic t-shirt at a time. We make our shirts as a way to give back. We want our website to be a forum for people to gather, discuss, and grow who they are. Inkster may be born and raised in the heart of Philadelphia, but our true heart is in welcoming the world to the Inkster Community, no matter where you live. Community isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are.


We sell t-shirts to make the world better. Also, we love you.